3 Months GF :)

3 Months GF :)

15.04.2017 Off By Michael Brooks

Hello and welcome to my 3 month wrap up 🙂

This time it’s gonna be brief.

So, as far as leveling is concerned, I hit 77 and I managed to get one skill. Im still missing just a few sp for the skill mastery, but Im happy I finally got the wind vortex 🙂 I feel high level now hehehe, at least as high as I have ever been with a Storm Screamer woohoo!

However, all the vit events prevented me for leveling much my other toons. My dorfie is only 57 almost 58 and my kamael halfway through to 52.

It’s alright tho, cos at least the kamael is lvling a wolfie now, so hopefully now that I will have more time, as long as my account is still active, I will level it a bit more 🙂

This past month was kind of tough, especially towards the end. Cos this is always the case with me, the story of my life, whenever I say everything is finally going well, sth will come and prove me wrong.

This is exactly my situation right now. Due to stupid disputes with one certain person, I left Unity. Been there, done that, no big deal. I just feel bad cos Akjosch is great, lots of people in the clan too and only one that makes me flip. But sometime this one person is too stubborn to listen and even tho this is just a game, from a a point and on, it is impossible to not see it as a matter of dignity and self esteem.

I cant stand drama, so I chose to abstain and not be a part of this any longer, cos for all that matters, me and him dont fit in the same clan anymore. My little delf will be and stay untagged. I dont have any masterplan of joining another clan, not for now at least.

So, come to think of it, I lost my appetite for the game right now. Maybe it’s the summer, maybe my real life problems that hit one after another lately, Im not in the mood for anything lately… How ironic… I used to wait my days off work so impatiently, aiming at 78+ in one month even with solo or duo with GOO. Fancy that!

Anyway… I will take a small break, besides it’s summer. I still have a couple of weeks on my account so after that we will see what’s going to happen.

I wish u all a great, groovy summer and hope to see u ingame soon 🙂