7&1/2 Months To 80

7&1/2 Months To 80

09.08.2017 Off By Michael Brooks

Hello folks 🙂

Finally, after 7 and 1/2 months in Official, I can call myself a REAL nuker 🙂 Im 80 and I still cant believe how fast I made it this far, playing 100% legit and grinding solo for several hours throughout this time 🙂

So on 14th of December, the night of my birthday, with only 8% left to ding thnx to the x2 xp event, I picked up my Dyn Set from the warehouse, my shots, cleaned my weapon and with the motto “no sleep till 80” I went off to fog with my merry bunch of friends and clannies to genocide the mobs 😀

Then… off to GC with a rly nice party, together with Blackwing and my lovely leadertear from Ech0… (<3 Bab and Ian)

Last station my familiar place, Dino Island with Lorya out of party, not going to sleep before he sees me in Dynasty 😀

And in 40 minutes of Dino massacre, it happened 😀 I heard the ding! I heard bells and birds singing 😀 It was such an amazing feeling! Im so happy, I didnt even expect to feel so happy with sth that others would call insignificant.

This was the best gift I could ever ask in a very weird period of my life!

Thnx to the double xp event, I made around 40% in 3 days of fog grinding! And this grinding was also a lucky one. The day GOO dinged 80 he got a gift 🙂 Basalt Battlehammer full drop. The day I dinged, my party dropped Saint Spear full drop 🙂 If that isnt amazing, then what is?

I wanna thank from the bottom of my heart all those who love or hate me 🙂

I wanna thank our little regular party for those 2 months of amazing company and cool parties 🙂 Now i CAN bubble too guys, so the best is yet to come!

I wanna thank Lorya (I cant believe u didnt go to bed just to see me ding!), Ycra (we miss u on ts/skype and in game, get ur ass here!), Kelspertus (one of my new best buddies and fellow supporter on the “nuker-has-to-solo” experience), Judaz (thnx for staying altho u had to wake up early just because it was my birthday!), Lmske (orcieeeeeeeeee!), Ian (too many alts to mention, but u know we love u 😀 ), Teragon ( you rock! thnx for all u did for me to help me get 80!), Afromeda (Androditi mouuuuu want some yoghurt????), Maraz (I miss ur damageeeeeeeeeee, come back soon!), Danloo (pro MM <3), Qeeni, Sharkanna and co ( <3 ALL for helping with dual boxing), Spartouze ( let’s go for real gang bangs on enemies now!) and everyone else who came along to our parties 😀 I hope u enjoyed the company and the xp as much as I did ^^

This said, I cannot thank enough my GOO <3 For baring with me so much with my QQ, impatience and my throwing up everytime I had to stay too long in dino! lol I love you to bits <3

And last but not least, Eljie, for making this party in the first place 🙂 Thnx for everything, hope to see u soon back in game.

I love you all 🙂 The best is yet to come :***