Hangout VS Google Meet: Why, How, And When To Use Each?

With all the COVID lockdown stuff happening around, video messaging and group call messenger apps have gone viral, raising such debates as Google Hangouts VS Google Meet—which to use when?

And these are pretty reasonable questions. If we were to compare Google Meet vs hangout, the differences aren’t really that obvious at first glance. That being said, a deeper look will surely tell that one is superior to the other in some ways such as use for work, and the other is much more friendly for those of you looking to have a casual chat with friends. 

Which one’s which?

Google Meet VS Google Hangout

If you’ve ever set up a Google hangout meeting, you know that the interface of the app resembles the one we are used to seeing in Microsoft’s Skype. In simpler words, the app is best suited for sharing text messages, files, and video calls on a peer to peer basis. Group chats are possible, but video calls for a group larger than five people are a pain in the neck to manage.

Google Meet app, on the other hand, is a dedicated video conference solution for larger groups. It is designed to withstand heavy loads and is best suited for professionals looking for ways of discussing complex projects and strategies.

This is the obvious distinction between the two messaging apps. Let’s dive a little bit deeper to discover the details.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a free app designed with text messaging, group meetings, and video calls in mind. It allows for complex file sharing and supports a number of formats that can be displayed as snippets.

The app is available to everyone with a Google (Gmail) account that is required to log in. There are dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS in addition to the web version.

Hangouts allow for impressive group chats of up to 150 people. Video call groups, however, are limited to ten participants. Additionally, Hangouts shifts to the person speaking by default, so if anyone is talking, the rest of the group remains unseen. To make matters worse, slight microphone distractions such as coughing will shift the camera away from the speaker.

Google Meet

How to use google meets? Well, the app has been recently released by the freemium model, so you shouldn’t have any issues with access. That being said, the free version limits you to 100 attendees per group, and all calls cap out at 60 minutes.

On the bright side, this is more than enough for most businesses. The app has been made more comfortable by the fact that participants can join via a single link, group call administrators can limit access, and it is integrated with Google’s Calendar app, so all of your meetings will be displayed properly. And you will get timely reminder notifications.

The host control we’ve mentioned above offers additional layers of privacy protection, and the calls themselves are using complex encryption algorithms taking a mighty jab at the app’s main competitor—Zoom.


This in-depth look at Google’s messenger platform clearly visualizes the differences between the two platforms. That being said, both are distributed by the freemium model so you are free to explore both. Just don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments below!