Here’s How You Add Some Character To Your Microsoft Teams Backgrounds

Microsoft Teams has had a major boost in popularity straight after the world was shocked by the global COVID-19 lockdown. That being said, too many video messaging apps have come with claims of dominance, forcing Microsoft Teams into its previous position.

And rightfully so.

New apps had superior quality, better interfaces, and more features to boast. Users switched to them without a second thought. That’s when the guys from Microsoft got the feel of the bigger picture. They started to adapt by introducing new cool stuff in order to retain the attention of their user base. Thus the customizable backgrounds were born alongside many other cool bells and whistles.

Microsoft Teams Meetings Don’t Have to Be a Chore?

So what’s all the fuss about Microsoft teams' background image download options?

Well, the video messenger just added said feature, that works exactly as it sounds. You, as the user, can now set up your own background, or you can adjust the background of the meeting room you will be sharing with guests, friends, or coworkers. 

This is pretty cool utility-wise as keeping one’s head in focus in a group chat where everyone is portrayed in a square, and every user has their own room as the background can be daunting. 

A new Microsoft teams install or version update will grant access to a gallery of creative visuals from lecture halls to Minecraft levels. All of which have been approved for work and education purposes. Alternatively, you can download and install something that is entirely your own, like a favorite wallpaper or a scene from Star Wars. 

The issues of Microsoft teams not showing background are no more. Hurray!

Microsoft Teams Tutorial: How to Instal a Custom Background?

So how do you change your background?

  1. Start by logging into your app for Windows or Mac. The online version doesn’t support new functionality at the moment. 
  2. Start a new call. Or join somebody if you feel like making their day a little bit brighter. 
  3. Click on the options button—the one that looks like three dots.
  4. Select the “more actions” option, and from there you will see the option to show background effects. It is set to blur by default, but you can do whatever you feel like from there.

And that’s pretty much it—this is how you change your background in Microsoft teams.