Privacy Matters: Here’s How You Keep Your Whatsapp Number Out Of Google’s Search Results

Here’s the thing: how I use Whatsapp is my own deal, as long as I do not break anyone’s rights, trust, or privacy. That being said, I want to separate my Whatsapp from Google in order for everyone else to follow the same rules.

What’s the fuss with Google Whatsapp apps?

The guys from Google are obviously pretty good at what they do. Otherwise, we wouldn't have the world's best (arguably) search engine.

That being said, one can’t help but think that the tech giant is overdoing it at times. Here’s what I mean: scraping publicly available information to index and categorize is one thing. Showing my personal phone number in search results is an entirely different song.

Alas, Google’s search bots don’t tend to see the difference as everyone who has used the Click to Chat feature in Whatsapp has essentially put their personal number online for everyone to see after some quick googling.

Click to Chat feature?

If you were ever looking for how to add contact to Whatsapp without a hustle, you’ve probably discovered the Click to Chat feature.

What does it do?

In simple words, the feature generates links and QR codes one can scan or click in order to get in touch easily. This is awesome when you are making a visit card. Not so much, when you are looking for some much-deserved online privacy.

Here’s the thing: WhatsApp's Click to Chat feature is designed to make your phone number public knowledge. As such, there’s no reason why Google’s search bots shouldn't index it.

This may not be a problem if you are using a corporate number that’s designed to attract calls from prospects and business contacts. Please, be advised against using your personal number, however.

Is there a solution?

Here’s the crazier part, guys. The only way to not let Google access your data is to not use the Click to Chat feature. There are no other ways around it.

If you have used it before—don’t panic. You can still delete all the links and QR codes you have created via the app and this should resolve the issue. At least in theory.

In reality, however, we all know that if something was published online once, it stays there forever. Sorry, I guess?