Best Messenger Apps of 2020: Android and iOS

Apps for messaging have become a staple of our life nowadays. Ever since we cracked the code of texting on those old-timey phones with buttons, we could not let go of the technology as it makes our daily lives so much simpler. 

Chatting with friends, sharing plans with a group, making grocery list updates are all made so much better with the introduction of apps for text messaging.

Emphasis on message texts, you guys. Stop using voice messages, please. Those are just invasive and rude.  

The Best Messenger Apps 2020 Edition

What are the best text messaging apps available on our phones? Check out the list below to find out the answer.

Please, keep in mind that this is not a ranking so the entries are not placed in any particular order. Every single one of these apps can and will be enough to suffice as a standalone text messaging solution.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of shared information!


Originally developed by Pavel Durov, the guy behind the largest social media platform in Eastern Europe, Telegram was supposed to be the answer to people’s claims for digital privacy. The app prides itself on rock-solid encryption algorithms that keep your personal profile info as well as the files and messages you share private to only you and the recipient. As for the functionality, Telegram has everything you’d expect from a messenger app, including groups, communities, voice, and video calls.


This one is the obvious choice for the list and probably the best messenger app iPhone and Android users fancy. The super clean user interface, paired with intuitive navigation, and access to a lot of handy features have made WhatsApp much more than a simple must-have app on their phones. You will have easy access to your gallery of photos and videos if you feel like sharing them. There are group chats, call, and video call functionality. The only thing in question is the security aspect of everyone's favorite messenger. How safe is your data with WhatsApp, really?


This app for text messages, voice, and video calls may not be as well known to our western audience, but Line is a huge hit in Asia, so I’ve decided to check it out and understand why it is so. Well, here’s the key selling point of this fantastic application—the stickers. Line has a colossal library of those and they can change the tone and voice of a conversation dramatically. One can not keep being serious when bombarded with myriads of animated kittens and hilarious smiley faces, which is both the strength and the weakness of the Line app.


WeChat is probably the best messenger app Android and iOS users can enjoy. It excels at keeping you entertained and engaged with stickers like Line while offering a more serious tone of Telegram and a super crisp and intuitive interface we’ve seen with WhatsApp. In addition to that, there are tons of games, add-ons, and even payment support in the application.

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These are the best messenger apps that are currently available on smartphones. Did I miss any? What’s your favorite messenger? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments, and I’ll keep the list updated.