Top 5 Apps to Make Co-Parenting Smoother

These days, there are apps for all kinds of tastes and needs. While some of them are made just for fun, others are immensely helpful. Therefore, the fact that there are some really effective apps specifically for co-parenting is far from surprising. No doubt, these tools won’t magically make communicating with your ex totally easy and stress-free, but they are sure to contribute to healthy and effective co-parenting.

Prior to opting for the best co-parenting app for you, it’s vital to focus on what these tools are designed for. They should:

  • enhance the quality of communication;
  • create the best platform for exchanging information;
  • encourage frequent communication whenever necessary;
  • make interaction a lot smoother and convenient.

Sharing your kid’s schedule, keeping you and your ex posted about the forthcoming events, as well as helping you keep tabs on your mutual expenses — these are some of the major functions of the most effective co-parenting communication apps. If you like the way these perks sound, you should definitely give these tools a try.

Coparently: Add Your Kids & Use 30-Day Free Trial

Coparently tool

Coparently is an app that offers a collection of online tools to make co-parenting as convenient as possible. With Coparently, you and your ex will effectively schedule, communicate, track your shared expenses, store contact details in one secure place, discuss and remind each other of the important dates, as well as other stuff that runs the risk of being forgotten. 

What’s more, via this app, you can let your kid participate in your convos without granting them access to other (more sensitive) features. This is especially handy if you have a teenager whose opinion needs to be heard on a regular basis. Coparently costs $99 per year per parent. You can test-drive it for 30 days for free to see if it suits your needs.

Cozi: Perfect for Stress-Free Co-Parenting

Cozi iOS app

Cozi wasn’t originally designed for co-parenting, but its clean interface and excellent functionality have cemented it as one of the best co-parenting tools. Accessible via iOS and Android, Cozi allows you to set up and share calendars, to-do lists, meal plans, exchange pics and tutorials, as well as shopping and expenses info.

Cozi is free of charge, but it includes in-app purchases and paid upgrades. It even allows you to keep a shared journal of your kiddo’s milestones — such a lovely feature. In other words, if you can communicate with your ex in a friendly manner and no longer secretly want to kill them, Cozi is a great app for the two of you to interact whenever necessary. 

Google Calendar: You Can Use It for Co-Parenting

Google Calendar app

Google Calendar is a great tool to use at work, but did you know that it’s also super convenient for coordinating schedules with your ex? Just set up a calendar and allow your ex to edit it, and you’re done. Google Calendar makes scheduling regular events and setting automatic notifications really easy. To begin using the app, all you need is a Gmail account and your favorite device. Google Calendar is easy to use both on your PC and any mobile device of your preference. 

Our Family Wizard: Created Expressly for Co-Parents

Our Family Wizard app

This tool was designed by a divorced couple to help like-minded co-parents communicate effectively for the sake of their kids. The Our Family Wizard app allows you to create your own separate account and share it with as many users as you need. 

Via this app, you and your ex will manage all stages of your shared parenting agreement in one single space — naturally, without having to see each other in person too often. The ToneMeter feature checks your messages and suggests alternatives for the ones containing negative tone and i.e. potentially argument-provoking. Such a smart idea! 

2Houses: Effective & More Affordable Than Other Tools

2Houses app

This app is used by nearly 200,000 families in more than 160 countries throughout the globe. No wonder it’s that popular: it’s among the best ways to interact with your kid’s other parent when other ways of communication aren’t an option. 2Houses assists you in organizing your schedules, keeping track of the upcoming events and activities, as well as exchanging all the necessary details about your kids, such as school or medical appointments.

The app features a great messaging tool and a handy document storage space available both on your computer and mobile gadgets. 2Houses costs $9.99 per month. The cost is per family, not per parent, which makes the app a lot more affordable compared to its counterparts. Furthermore, you can test it out for free during 14 days prior to deciding if you’re ready for an annual membership plan or not. Super convenient!

Cutting to the Choice: It’s All Up to You 

In a perfect world, co-parenting would be a pleasure cruise, filled with flexibility, patience, understanding, and a never-ending compromise. If that more or less describes your co-parenting experience, then you deserve some kind of a reward — or at least a praise for all the effort you’ve put into the whole thing.

If your co-parenting journey is far from perfection, don’t let this fact discourage you. Keep working on it, but don’t forget to make the most of the available instruments to enhance your communication and scheduling experience. No doubt, divorce is not the best thing that ever happened to you. But your ultimate mission here is to arm yourself with all the necessary tools to move on as quickly and painlessly as possible.

So, have you tried any of the co-parenting apps listed above? If you have, which of them is your top favorite and why? Perhaps, you have some worthy additions to complement our selection? Let us know about them in the comments below. Your feedback is very important. And don’t forget to save out blog in your bookmarks, that is if you want to keep track of the latest tech news and expert app reviews.