Far Cry 2: The Latest Review Ever

Far Cry 2: The Latest Review Ever

05.12.2017 Off By Michael Brooks


Far Cry 2 takes place in the country of Africa. You are a mercenary sent into kill The Jackal who is an arms dealer supplying both sides of the conflict. You at first start out in the town of Pala doing missions for both sides while trying to control your malaria which seems to get on your nerves more than enough. You can do side missions to allow yourself better weapons at the gun dealer and also can do side objectives to make your main missions easier by doing what your buddy wants you to do. Your buddy can also upgrade your safehouses and allow you to heal up while able to do a wide variety of things.

Main features

The game has a wide variety of features and i’ll discuss a few ones here. The first one i’ll cover is the ability to repair a vehicle. Your vehicle doesn’t get damaged too fast though it may just be me. You can get out of your vehicle and go to wherever the engine is and repair it. Now, that’d seem a good thing being in the wide open and fixing a vehicle but it’s Africa. You have to deal with one of two things: Patrols are going to be your biggest concern. They’re always armed and more or less always on the lookout for suspicious activity. You can hide in a bit if shrubs to get cover and let them pass but if you’re in an area with no cover then you’re pretty well screwed if you aren’t prepared. The AI has the tendency to turn around after noticing you and get right in your face with whatever vehicle they have. That gets rather annoying and would make you a little bit mad. So, what do you do? Shoot the driver and if there is a gunmen. Shoot him too. The second thing is being disabled or stopped near a zone of men. They’re going to fire onto you just by hearing your vehicle go by. That’s nice but it doesn’t give you an opportunity to get out. That’s why the vehicle repair system is a hassle.

The second feature i’m going to cover is that you have to deal with malaria. Now, that’s quite annoying when i’m doing a mission and find out that i’m all out of pills. That’s not very beneficial to me as within’ a few more days then my character will have died of it due to me being busy and forgetting about the pills. I can go to the underground but that is a pain especially if I have to go through guard posts that just make my journey slower than it already is. Especially since if they keep respawning as you’re two meters away from it. I actually had a guard post respawn as I was a few inches away during an ambush mission. Good? No. Not fun. Malaria just makes everything harder especially since it’s already hard enough trying to get from point A to point B without wanting to dodge about every guy trying to get to your main objective.

The last feature i’m going to cover is what I sort of ranted about above. The guard posts. Realism is apperarently what Ubisoft wanted to give to the game but it fell so short that if it was jumping over a wide gap. It’d fall before it even hit the other side. The most annoying part is the respawn time of the guards at the guard posts. You can move a few meters away from it and suddenly people will appear. How? Merlin used his magical powers to make them respawn. Ubisoft Montreal tried realism but at the end of the day. It kicked them in the ass. Hard. And they got more of a fantasy game than anything. That’s the downfall of it all.


Since this game has been released in 2008. It still features some pretty good graphics for when it was released 3 years ago plus since it runs fine on every graphics card imaginable then you’re fine. The game could very well compare with Saints Row 2 by Volition as it doesn’t have that bad of graphical lag. So, i’m very keen on saying that his game would work well no matter what card as long as it’s from within the 2008 through 2011. Heck, I bet it’ll run even better when the next generation of cards come out from ATI or nVidia.

Final conclusions

Far Cry 2 has a wide variety of gameplay for you to do yet that does not help its case. Yes, you can go around Africa on the most bumpy of roads and do some pretty repetitive missions. Though, it also has some good qaulities too such as the unlocking of safehouses and the weapon selection. Not to say that it’s bad but a majority of the game is you just shooting through guard posts to get to your next objective. So, if you like mindless shooters then Ubisoft has made the game for you and only you. Story is linear and far too empty of life.