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Garry's Mod review

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Garry's Mod is a sandbox title where you can forget about tough goals and constant achievements – just build everything you want. You will not get rewards and lose your stamina. Here you will play for fun only without limits almost. This is a perfect time killer!

What About Visuals? 10/10

Graphics are stylish and bright. The design is not rich in details but quite diverse. Here you can feel free in your desires and do not follow any particular restrictions as to your creatures and their appearance. Play listening to various sound effects and tracks.

Personalized Experience 10/10

This shooter is rather uncommon but still, the key options are clear and you should master the controls to benefit from them. For instance, you should know the ways you can apply a gun to perform various missions. Reach the tutorial to get the details. 

In the menu, you will find the settings allowing to customize the controls in accordance with your preferences. In general, they are responsive and that does matter because your life depends on your ability to respond rapidly when there is a danger around. Be sure you know everything about the means to interact with other characters.

Feel Free About the Rules 10/10

There is no story in this game. You are not expected to reach any goals. Do not try to figure out the reasons for your actions. Just follow the instructions, build everything and anything, perform the tasks in accordance with some simple rules, or refuse them if you want. 

You will get access to a diverse set of tools. Apply them in the way you choose spending as much time as you want. Be ready to erect houses, design vehicles, and build planes without any idea how you should do it. You can create strange objects or get involved in extremely complicated projects. 

Then, you can drive, test, destroy, paint – there are tons of ways to express yourself in this game. You are suggested to fight using various weapons. You can make any decisions you want and entertain as you like. There are maps, other characters, different modes, chances to polish your skills. 

If you cannot do without objectives, try the Trouble in Terrorist Town Mode with a simple plot. You are expected to protect people in the city from a maniac. You can replay the game several times. It has depth and a great number of secrets and details.


Garry's Mod is an addicting game without limits and rules almost. Enjoy thoughtless decisions and creativity, a wide range of tools, and plenty of things to do here. All your creations will be available for other players which can appreciate your craft.

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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