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Hangouts review

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Hangouts is an app for free video and voice calls and chatting with a single person or a group. It allows you to make video calls and send voice messages or simple SMS for free if your contact has Hangout installed on his mobile device.

Does it Look Good? 10/10

The user interface is quite simple and design is made in the way to simplify usage. The app is easy to navigate. On the Home page, you will see a brief menu with categories. If you have used a web version of Hangouts, you will see slight differences in layout but, in general, it helps you to take advantages of this communication tool from the first time. And be sure to find your talks automatically synchronized on any device you use.

Rich Functionality for Excellent User Experience 10/10

Here you will be able to make a video call connecting with up to 10 contacts at a time. Find those you want to talk to in your contact list. When a conversation starts, you will see all participators at the bottom of a display while a speaking one will be displayed in the center.

You can listen, view, and speak or refuse the camera and turn off a microphone so that the other people do not hear any noise coming from the place where you are at the moment, but you will hear the conference without restrictions. If you want to quit the hangout, you can do it easily.

There is also a chatting function allowing you to exchange messages with visual effects, emoji, attached pictures. This option is available for your Google contacts only. You can benefit from the available settings to adjust the environment to your preferences. 

Usability 10/10

The app can be used even by a kid. The users can easily find you by your phone number as well as you are suggested to apply this method to get in touch with someone. Add them to your account. 

In order to invite certain users to join the conversation, you are expected to choose them in your contact list making a single tap. If the list is too long to scroll it, you are offered to enter the name of your friend into a search box and the app will find him without much effort upon condition that he has been added to your list before. Then, you should follow the instructions and arrange the environment as you like. 

Talking about privacy, you should know that the app doesn't apply end-to-end encryption but it is still safe encrypting the messages “in transit”.


The app is good providing instant access to video calls and convenient chatting area. Use it for business, educational or private purposes and be sure that it is safe and reliable.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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