Harry Potter, Tron, Swan Lake And a Failed Bowling Match

Harry Potter, Tron, Swan Lake And a Failed Bowling Match

07.12.2017 Off By Michael Brooks


Since my L2 life is on “pause” right now, I decided to make a post on my rl activities 🙂

OK so it’s Xmas season, everyone is happier and more outgoing, at least in my country! Even I, the ultimate house cat and couch potato, cant spend a minute at home. OK, I admit I can, especially if I can be in my PJs the whole day and do nothing else but crawl on my bed with my warm duvet 😀

So, this Xmas, I partied together with my two favorite cousins Helen and Kelly, who are like my 3rd and 4th sister actually 🙂 And since we have similar taste in what having fun means, we went a lot to the movies ^^.

First stop was a really really late showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I never was one of those BIG HP fans, but I guess it grew on me over the years and even on George, who asked for an HP festival. And yes, we did it and yes we watched all 6 existing HP movies in one and a half days! I think Im quite fed up with it now, so the 6 months remaining for the premiere of the last part of the final movie are more than welcome 😀

Anywayz, I highly recommend the HP anthology to all of you. Halfway through the story, I swear, it’s not so childish and happy 🙂

Second stop, Black Swan. All who know me well, know also that Im a sucker for anything that has to do with Swan Lake. It’s been my favorite classical composition since I watched the anime version of it at the age of 4-5. Im a TOTAL sucker for it. And I havent been able to find the complete piece in one cd, so I have dozens of them in my possession. So… Black Swan is defo the movie of the year. If u like psycho thrillers, a little atmospheric scare, uneasy feelings and lots of speculation after the film ends, then this is your movie! Im pretty sure Natalie Portman will get the Oscar this time. She’s been flirting with the Golden Statue for too long already, so now it’s time 🙂 Seriously, dont miss this one!

But what really has taken me by surprise was Tron. We went there on a late showing, after a bowling match (in which I failed royally and my butt still hurts from trying too hard with rly heavy balls), I fell asleep in the first 15 minutes or so, but when the son entered the infamous Grid, the eye candy starting raining all over the screen! Amazing CGI, extraordinary music from Daft Punk, great performances and a mediocre story was enough to keep u saying “WoWWWWW” till the ending titles. Really worth seeing on 3D, so run before it’s off the program.

So yeah… That’s all for my Xmasy outings so far. Add lots of delicious food and festive delights and there u have my Xmas 2010 celebration. I wish I didnt have to work, but in 10 days I will stop anyway and move to Sweden, so I guess I can stand it for a little while longer 🙂

Have a Happy New Year friends and foe and cya around 😀