Horror Adventurland Revisited

Horror Adventurland Revisited

23.10.2017 Off By Michael Brooks

As a HUGE fan of the Silent Hill series, one of the games I mostly wanna play is Alan Wake on my xbox 360. I think aside from FFXIII which I loved

this is is the game I anticipate more than any other since 2009 when the first trailers leaked or surfaced in the internet…

So, what do we have here?

As most reviews state: “Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller from Remedy, the legendary and renowned developers of highly successful action titles. In this exciting new title exclusively for Windows and Xbox 360, gamers assume the role of Alan Wake, a best-selling suspense author who escapes to a small town to recover from the mysterious disappearance of his fiancée.”

hmmm does that ring a bell? oh u bet it does… It’s totally like the story in SH 2, my favorite in the series, but I doubt it will be as good.

So according to several sources are piled up:

The story will play out in an episodic format, with a television show-style presentation similar to Lost and 24 where each episode/chapter brings another piece to the puzzle of the main plot. Remedy has confirmed that Alan Wake is only the first season of a bigger story, opening the door for future sequels.

Light plays a significant role in gameplay and strategy. The enemies, called “the Taken” in the game, are sensitive to light, encouraging the player to take advantage of environmental light sources and placing significant emphasis on the flashlight as a primary weapon. Players also have the ability to set traps that illuminate when triggered, either damaging or temporarily immobilizing an enemy. They are then destroyed and turned into batteries.

Remedy also promised a free-roam, sandbox-style city, similar to those seen in the Grand Theft Auto series. However, in an interview with Finnish magazine Pelaaja and British magazine Edge, this feature is stated to have been removed, with Remedy opting to focus on a compelling storyline over sandbox-style gameplay. “That being said, this path that the player is on is quite wide at times and all through the game there is a lot for the player to explore, but it’s not a free-roaming sandbox,” said Sam Lake of Remedy.

Alan Wake features a day/night time cycle. During the day, players may interact with other NPCs to find out more about the town of Bright Falls, Washington.

So, this adventure game, dragging u back into the darkest corners of smalltown urban legends, uses the typical “turn-on-the-flashlight-kill-the-monster” procedure, letting u wonder around a wonderfully haunted landscape, that sends shivers down ur spine and can rly scare u. Yep, that’s my cup of tea definitely! (as long as I have someone else with me and the lights are on tho… heheheh). BUT what I dont particularly like is the design.. The models are not THAT good, not as much as I expected. I mean come on, SH 2 was much better and it’s already an old game… They could work a bit more on that IMO.

However, u cant rly ignore the amazing job they have done creating the scenery. It’s rly creepy and maybe the fact that most of the game takes place outside and in open spaces, maybe this makes up for the poorer graphix on the actual characters…

I like the fact that on the first trailer u get to think that it has to do with dark magic or some pagan ceremony that takes over the town and consumes its people, but I will proly have to play to be able to tell u how this worked out in the end and in binding the whole game together.

Anyhow.. I think that since the last installment from the SH team kinda sucked, with only ONE damn difficult boss and a stupid linear and non cohesive story, maybe this time horror fans will get their favorite chills and screams.