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Microsoft Excel review

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Microsoft Excel is an application known widely in the business environment. It is developed for calculating and creating the spreadsheets with the numerical calculation mostly. It is powerful and reliable. The file can be edited, viewed, shared, and deleted.

Design 10/10 

The app looks like the full-size origin but its design is brought in sync with the mobile devices with a smaller screen. Thus, the developer has thought of the user’s vision and you will find the app very convenient to view and edit the content.

Functionality 10/10

If you need the options suggested by this app, you should install it immediately because there is no alternative of such a high level of quality and diversity. Enjoy it when calculating the performances of your budget and apply available features to achieve the most accurate and detailed result you can afford. It has a long list of formulas that can be applied automatically to simplify the calculations. 

Now it is so easy to look through your financial reports on the go, open a shared Excel file, and make amendments using just your mobile device. The menu is rich in options. 

In other words, this is a great asset for students, businessmen, employees, and even private users allowing you to arrange the data and perform calculations in the way you like.

How to Benefit From it to the Most Extent? 10/10

You are recommended to spend some time to learn all its functionality which is rather rich. Perhaps, you will use only half of the options but basic knowledge is a must. When you understand its principle of work, you will find the usage rather simple. You can do a lot of things inside with tapping. It is allowed to leave your comments in the shared file and edit the content. 

There is a Microsoft 365 subscription for smartphones, desktops, tablets. Please, mind that the mobile version differs from its desktop analogue. Still, there is a lot of in common including numerous features and formatting options. You can even make graphs and charts to show the results of your calculation graphically and highlight the vital performances.


Microsoft Excel is the best tool of a kind. Its desktop version is very popular due to tons of options and effects allowing to perform the complicated calculations. You can use it to create a business plan, perform an analysis with tables and drafts. You can delete and add lines and columns, duplicate the spreadsheets, hide some elements of a spreadsheet, and much more. It is a really valuable tool in your mobile device if you are involved in financing, accounting, management, or marketing.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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