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Snapchat review

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Snapchat is a mobile application for communication between its users with messages, pictures, and videos. Its peculiarity is to delete the content by default. In other words, you can be sure that the video you have sent will not be saved on the mobile device of the receiver.

Design 10/10

This app is done for chatting and offers three screens. You can benefit from a place for chats, Discover page, and Snap Map displaying the location where the friends are at the moment. You can move from screen to screen with simple tapping. In general, the user interface is very spacious and uncluttered. You will be easily engaged with the activity finding the functions you need quickly.

Functions 10/10 

Snap means to take a shot or film a video. To receive them also means a snap. Thus, if a user of this app asks you to snap, you will know what it means within this very context. Initially, the app was designed for private picture sharing. Moving forward, it has become full of various options so that you could use it for various tasks. 

You can perform video chatting, send or receive brief text messages, apply effects, add filters, create avatars, and more. There is a the “Discovery” area where you can find the content issued by key publishers. You can store the content in a private storage area. You are allowed to show your current location on the map. It is possible to link the snaps together and broadcast them as a whole story. 

And it is important to know that the developer does not offer parent control but there are settings that can be adjusted in accordance with some requirements. 

Usability 10/10

This is a kind of social media where you can send the content of any kind almost, including videos you have recorded and after a receiver opens the message and looks it through, it disappears. There is no track to find it across the app or over the Internet. Mind that the receiver can make screenshots if he wants. 

In order to become a friend of an existing user, it is enough to flash the camera of your smartphone at a Snapcode of a user and automatically you will join his list of friends. In order to know everything about the app, you’d better read the guide, as far as it is updated very frequently.


I suppose this is a quite worthy addition to your toolkit on the smartphone. It provides instant communication on the go and removes any sent content. That is a rather smart solution for those who do not want to clutter their private online area with the histories.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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