The Biggest Game Review

The Biggest Game Review

25.04.2017 Off By Michael Brooks

Konami to purchase Bluelabel

Konami announced the acquisition of Blue Label Interactive. The purchase is used to enhance performance of Konami Mobile. Under the Konami Mobile division, this purchase also allows room to move with other mobile products, probably wallpapers and ringtones.

Mobile2Win to expect $ 10-15 Mln funding

According to ContentSutra, Mobile2Win is about to sign for a funding between $ 10 Mln and $ 15 Mln from Northwest Venture Partners. Current investors are Siemens Mobile Acceleration GmbH, Softbank China Venture Capital and Contests2Win India.

Smashing Ideas acquires BlueSkyNorth

Smashing Ideas extended their reach into the mobile Flash Lite market by acquiring UK based BlueSkyNorth. BlueSkyNorth will open up the doors to Western Europe. Both companies are specialized and working with Flash Lite though Flash Lite for BlueSkyNorth has been the only direction so far. Details about the deal have not been disclosed.

Round 3 for Digital Chocolate brings $ 18 Million

In it’s latest funding round, Digital Chocolate has secured $ 18 Million worth of investments. More early, Digital Chocolate managed to raise $ 22 Million of VC funding since it’s start in 2003. Trip Hawkins announced that Digital Chocolate will keep focusing on creating high quality unbranded games rather then branded ones. Trip estimates his company has a 11% marketshare and will become profitable in the next year.

Commodore International and the Content Factory’s JV

Commodore International announced a new joint venture with Amsterdam based The Content Factory worth € 18 million. The scope of this new joint venture is to make Commodore Gaming a major player on the mobile entertainment market.

Telcogames gets fat

Telcogames announced it’s acquisition of Finish and Korean developer Fathammer. Fathammer is the second developer to be acquired by Telcogames as they had acquired Magic Productions last year. Fathammer produces games for the J2me, Brew, Symbian, WIPI and Windows Mobile platforms. With the acquisition, the catalogue of exclusive Telcogames games, grows with 24 titles. Fathammer will continue to produce new titles for the Telcogames catalogue as well as for publishers like Disney.

Telcogames didn’t buy Fathammer completely as their X-Forge middleware client has been sold to another company (unknown yet). The current investors in Fathammer, are now transferred to Telcogames as well.