The Return

The Return

26.05.2018 Off By Michael Brooks

Hello everybody 🙂

Long time no see, huh? I hope everybody is doing great and that u all had a nice, quiet and memorable summer.

Since a few weeks now, after taking a small (almost one month) break from L2, I am finally back. And GOO too ofc.

I dont have much to say, since not much has changed, just that I am extremely happy to be back in Unity, I am also happy that Ycra joined us again too and I am so so proud of our clan the way it has grown and the way it works right now.

Right now Im trying to rush my way to 78, Ive done a pretty good job so far, so I dont think it’s that far anymore. From now on I try to xp my main more systematically and with method, trying to make sure I wont run out of vit bars under lvl 2, so as to regen enough for the next day. Any more xp soloing is pointless IMO. And this has paid back well so far. GOO is 10% away from 78, and me 30%. Hopefully we will be done with that soon.

Other than that, my dorfie is going for 59, I wanna see her in A grade soon!!!!!!!!!! And my kamael is almost 54 and yes, she managed to raise the little dog to a great wolf. Now the wolfie is actually 58 and helping both mine and GOO’s dorf lvl a bit more 🙂

Last but not least, I started looking for a constant since I am almost 78, cos I am really sick of soloing. I mean like iwannathrowup kind of sick.

First attempt is to make an aoe const with clan members, but if this doesnt work and there’s space in someone’s const for me, I am very interested 🙂

So, that’s all for now 🙂

Hope to see u all soon in game 😀